Horseback Riding

Enjoy a casual horse ride along the serene White River or in the surrounding mountains where the expansive views will take your breath away!  On horseback is one of the best ways to experience the White River National Forest. Don’t be surprised if you spot a deer, elk or even a moose along your way! View unforgettable mountain meadows full of wildlife and abundant wildflowers to the top of the Flat Tops above gorgeous views of the Colorado backcountry and into the heart of Colorado wilderness where primitive lakes and untouched waters await angler’s talents.

For a guided experience, use one of the trusted and experienced outfitters in the area. All outfitters have horses that are available for all rider abilities to provide personal attention, instruction, and knowledge of the area to ensure that you enjoy your backcountry adventure.

Trip Idea: Spend a few hours taking in the morning sights and then head back down the trail for lunch at one of the lodges or in downtown Meeker.