Written by Guest Writer ~ Regan Mobley

Hi, I’m Regan Mobley and my family has been living in Meeker for many generations. Meeker has always had a very special place in my heart and I love history, so learning about and researching the history of Meeker is very entertaining for me. Many people know about the founding of Meeker and the massacre that occurred later, but I wanted to know how Meeker had changed and how it became the place that it is today.

When the Meeker Public Library asked if I would make a website showing Meeker’s intricate history I knew I had to take the opportunity. The website is named historymeeker.com and can be accessed from anywhere with the internet. 

With this project the library is trying to show Meeker’s history and what it was like many years ago to today. One of the biggest aspects of the website is the virtual walkthrough.

James Lyttle in front of Herald

With this virtual walkthrough, you can tour Meeker as if you are actually walking the streets and inside the stores. You can tour the beautiful downtown area of Meeker by going picture by picture, clicking arrows that take you down the streets. There are also arrows that let you go inside the buildings to see what the stores look like today, as well as some pictures of what the stores were like in the past.

Another big part of the website is how we show the history of Meeker. This is separated by stores and buildings. For every building downtown there is a section that displays the history of it, as well as the stores it held/holds. Included with some of the buildings there are interesting tidbits like the hauntings of the Meeker Hotel and Cafe and the bank robbery that occurred in the 1900’s. 

This website was made in hopes of educating the people of Meeker and visitors about the history of Meeker and how it compares to what our great town is like today.

Our website is very accessible and easy to search through and can be used by all age-groups. I’ve been working on this project for two summers now and because there are so many historical buildings and houses in Meeker, there is much more to be added to show the tremendous amount of history held within our town.

Rodeo and general store early 1900s

The Meeker Public Library and I hope you enjoy looking at the website and learn something new about Meeker! Plan your visit to Meeker and explore our historic Downtown!